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As you would expect, trying to turn water into wine, etc... here are a few things that brighten up the days.


(Cick the sound icon if you want to hear me yammer.)

Walk With Me

Walking in an exoskeleton at Gaylord hospital and rehab in Connecticut, Fall 2022. Thank you Kate, Dan and Tim... the best.

An amazing experience and the closest I can imagine to what it would feel like to walk again. A little hip swing here and there... the Winter Warlock has nothing on me.

Standing Frame

Very cool equipment, from my friend Vin Crudo. This baby lets me jack myself up from a sitting position to a full 90-degrees, and simulates standing (albeit strapped in to the gills.)

Gets everything back in place, and improve my blood pressure. Big thanks to Zoila.

Swimming AND Flipping

Swimming was my jam. More than anything, preferably in the ocean, the bigger the waves the better.

So after I tripped, fell and broke my neck in 12-inches of water (I know, right!?), and then floated upside down for a bit till I was rolled over, I had a little PTSD afterwards about putting my head under water.

Thanks to my terrific swimming instructor and friend Sam, I am now able to swim a few laps, and most importantly, flip over on my stomach and then FLIP myself on my back again. No more being freaked out about drowning. Grab your suit and lets go!

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