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People Ask: What Do I Want People To Take Away From Seeing My Art?

A little joy. And that there is much more than meets the eye at first or second glance.

My work is very dense. Purposely. I specifically want people to continuously look at any given painting and see something new every time. The last thing I want is for a painting to be relegated to wallpaper status, barely noticed by those walking by.

I like to hide certain things within the overall content. These include my initials, sometimes the date that I created the painting, words from ancient or archaic alphabets, or familiar but esoteric symbols. They are basically snowflakes for people to search for and enjoy when found.

Essentially, I want to take people on vibrant, visual adventures that are as much fun as they are unexpected. Hopefully at the same time, my art enables people to leave life’s difficulties at bay, even for just a moment.


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