Vibrant, Visual Adventures. Inspired by Chaos Theory.

Complex systems fascinate me. Weather. Ocean currents and wave development. Traffic. Hieroglyphics. Astronomy. Music.

Throughout history, the elements that make up these systems have been represented by different images and symbols to create a distinct narrative. And when those disparate elements come together, they form a complex yet cohesive, and uniquely elegant system and narrative all their own. And if any single element is altered, the entire system becomes something completely different.

This is my art.


Instinctive use of disparate symbols, shapes and forgotten alphabets...  dynamically integrated with vibrant, joyful colors...  to deliver unique visual adventures that interrupt conversation, fascinate and are as equally unexpected as they are good fun.

Order may drive my life because I am paralyzed with no use of my fingers. But Chaos infuses my soul.


The Accidental Painter

An unexpected thing happened as I was jogging into the ocean in Mexico, May 2018: the sand gave way under my foot and I tripped, fell and broke my neck.

Thankfully, my wife Erin and a friend pulled me out, and today, I am a tretraplegic that miraculously has the ability to paint. How well, of course, is up to you :)

I owe the discovery - which is referred to as Acquired Savant Syndrome, and boasts about 50+ people  worldwide - to my art therapist at Kessler Rehab who was trying to improve my muscle memory and motor skills. We had only four (4) short sessions, but as soon as I had a brush in my hand, ideas began to flood my consciousness.


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 I use a unique painting process described as "the four corners" technique, whereby I paint on a canvas laying flat on a table, and rotate it until completed. I therefore paint from "all four corners and sides", essentially painting four paintings at once. The result: my paintings can be hung from any side, giving you a completely different viewing experience than ever before.

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